So Rocket just posted on his twitter that they are looking for 2d/3d artist to create small items and food for DayZ. I gave it a try and made the famous "Heinz Beans" which can be found in the current DayZ. Would be awesome to see items I've created in a game.
Application sent and now we wait. I also made soda cans. I got the feel again to create. So which one do you prefer? I say why not both :PPPPPPPPPPP




Found all my old project files. I thought I had lost them in the abyss. Perhaps they should have stayed there.
Anyways I opened them up in 3ds max to see how they were constructed. No surprise, I was a complete idiot. 

How do you like the wire on that thing? 

This project was created in 2009 mid summer (after completing the first year of studying 3d). This was and it still is my most popular on deviantart. 

This project contains a poly count of 17,082 pr. gun. What the actual fuck? I remember that I spent around 5-6 hours on this. Modelling > Texturing > Lighting > Render > Compositing.  

A great idea would be to recreate this gun from scratch to test and freshen up my skills. Just to see what this noob can do. 


Practical Project report is now uploaded for everyone to read and laugh at. Keep in mind that this is to educate the ones with no knowledge within 3d. Also keep in mind that the idiot who wrote the report is me. Huehuehue.


A few words of the final product. I feel like I messed up my project by making it into an animation based rather than a series of still images. It's pretty dark and empty. I might render some images to properly display the scene. I made another promise. Huehueheuheuheue.
Happy new year! I'm glad we managed to survive 2012. I thought we were going to die so I gave up on 3d, huehue. Jokes aside I am trying to get back into 3d. 

So to start it off I have released my AVE report from Teesside here on my weebly. HEREEEEEEEEEEEE!
I know Grammar Nazies will enjoy this one so remember to bring popcorn. Now for those who don't know AVE is a class at Teesside. It stands for Advanced Visual Effects. 

I might release my personal project report, alas the time is no