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Hi guys! Sorry for not blogging for the past few weeks. I've been very busy with my projects and I've just neglected this blog entirely. I do have a bunch of material to show you guys and there is a lot to blog about. So for the next three weeks expect something to read about. 
The Breach is my short film for the AVE which is Advanced Visual Effects. We had to combine a cg environment with a live action footage. This is the result of me working non-stop for over three weeks. I will post the process later on when I find the time to do so. Perhaps I will make a breakdown video on how it was created. 
A Walkthrough is my final year project which I spent more time working on then my AVE project. This is the result of me working sloppy for about three months. Kind of embarrassing to think about. I should have been more active to seek out feedback from others while working on this project. More about this matter will be posted here on this blog.