Yesterday I rigged and skinned my entire character. I hate skinning more than anything, but I did learn a few things that I didn't know before. I used character studio as the skeleton of my character. I had to re-size a few bones to fit my characters proportions. The coat was special to skin. I had to make new "bones" just for the end-part of the coat so I could control how it moves.
Today I tweaked the skinning of my character. There where a few vital vertexes that needed to be fixed. As of the rest of the day I spent time thinking about how my scene would look like. I started working on the items right away when I found out what kind of a scene I wanted for my character. The scene is on a table with sewing items like pin and thread, needle pillow and candle stand. Remember this all takes place at the start of 1920's so it had to look kinda old.
Tomorrow I will finish up my project. Or rather I will try to be finished. When I'm done I have to jump right back to Oblig1 and draw the two remaining drawings. One of them needs to be in a 3/4 perspective view and the other is a drawing where my character is in a pose that describes him. The last one requires color.
Character profile:

My character is a Voodoo doll. Made by an African slave who wanted to torture his master. He made the doll special. Not looking like other voodoo dolls. All of it's clothes and accessories are based on the person he wanted to punish. As he was to bless the doll by doing a ritual he accidentally gave life to the doll. Shortly after he became ill and died. The doll was then left alone to live a life on his own. It's a tough life for something so small and unusual.
  • Full name: Allan Vood.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Age: Made in the streets of London around the 1900.
  • Race: Doll (Voodoo)
  • Nationality: British.
  • Personality: Happy, kind and joyful, but also sad because he is alone.   
  • Eye color: Black shiny eyes.
  • Hair: Grey color.
  • Height: About 8cm tall. He's little, but noticeable.
  • Clothes: Wears a vest and a shirt under his coat,pants and shoes. He also has a top hat and a red tie.
  • Likes: To listen to musicals, watch silent movies like Charlie Chaplin, poems, art, his cane and top hat.
  • Dislikes: Cats and Dogs as they can tear him apart, children because they tend to pick him up from the ground and take him home to play with (abuse).
  • Advantages: Can hurt any male humans by hurting himself, can't feel pain only the pain in his "heart". Has a great intellect with great reasoning and understanding and a will to learn.
  • Disadvantages: Can't open his mouth since he has stitches shutting it, short arms and legs, mitts as hands, his doll size, doesn't have a nose and being an unusual living creature.
  • Friends: He only had one true friend, his creator, but now he's gone. Otherwise he has a hard time getting friends.
  • Enemies: Animals with sharp teeth and claws who can tear him apart, children who let their anger towards dolls.
  • Admires: Edgar Allan Poe and Charlie Chaplin.
  • Talent: He can dance well, mime and create art of many kinds.
  • Dreams: To one day be able to meet/create another doll like himself and share his dreams of creating a community of dolls.
Now you know about as much about my character as I do. I hope you like my character.
This is what I have after two days work on him. I started on Thursday when I decided which and what character I wanted to make. I didn't work on Friday at all and the school wasn't open on the weekends so I couldn't work on him, but I did work on his background story this weekend. (Will post about his background later calling it "Oblig1 update").
I have spent my Monday by modeling and texture partly of him. All I need in the modeling part is just to add some details around his vest, sleeves and coat. Details like buttons.

I have been texturing in 3ds max 2010 all day. I found out that I don't have to unwrap as my character is not suppose to have such fine texture work. Mostly I use what's in max's material editor like marble, noise, checker and tweaked them to my liking.
If you look closer on the last two images you will see that the eyes are different. I am not sure which one to choose. In the first one he has teddy bear eyes and in the second picture he has pure black eyes. I will have this decided by tomorrow.

Schedule: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday
- Go over some textures.
- Rigg and skinning
- Pose
- Write his background story/profile and post it here on my blog.

Friday is the last day and the day we are going to send in our work before we take our week long vacation.
Just wished I'd start before Thursday last week, but that's in the process of finding out what your going to make. I just had to use three of the two weeks we are given to be sure of what I'm going to make. I have been working like a madman lately as I take this project seriously. 

This is what I have after a days work. Everything here is modeled from boxes except the top hat, that's a cylinder. Now I need to make the eye sockets, eye, mouth, stitches around the mouth, and cane. Then after that I will start texturing everything. That is what I fear the most so I hope I will improve.

When I'm done texturing I will go right to rigging and skinning. And while I'm texturing I will think of a pose for my character. It needs to be a pose which represents my characters personality.




So I've started on our second assignment where I will make my character from the first assignment. I am not entirely done with the first assignments, but I will go back and finish the two drawings I have left. I just need to figure out what pose I should put him in and what pose that describes him the best.
I choose to make my character out of boxes since that is what I do best. I've only just begun to make my character and I have this so far. I'm just worried about texturing my character as I'm not as skilled in texturing as I should be by now.
Oblig1 is a mandatory assignment at Noroff. As our first assignment we must draw our own character as simple as possible. The drawing you see below is what I came up with.
 I was captured with the idea of having a character with a top hat and a cane. I had to have both on the character I am going to make. As of the color department I am not sure.  I am in the process of choosing the colors in photoshop. I am currently missing a drawing of the character in perspective view. I will draw that as soon as possible and I might draw the arms stretched out so the character would be in a T-pose.

Follow me through the process as I venture through the two weeks we are given. From the beginning to the end (2okt.)
As my weekly drawing I chose my Koss Headset. It came out a little too uneven. I should have been more patient with the thin metal part and I'm missing a couple of lines. Right now it looks bad. Oh well.

 About next weekly drawing, I have no clue what to draw next. Luckily I have a week to figure that out.




... I have to put Killua on hold for now. We just got our mandatory assignment dealt out today. So I have to focus on that instead on a personal project. We are demanded to blog about our progress which I have nothing against. So you can follow me through the process. In "just" two weeks I can start on my Killua again.

I will post more details on the assignments, but not untill I start.
I finally started on a new character. Killua!
As my second weekly drawing I chose my shoe. Havne't drawn a shoe since 7th grade in middle school. Voilà.