Sorry for being afk for this long people! You may have noticed I have uploaded some new personel projects I have had this summer. I had as little as non motivation too keep on working during the long summer I had. 

Anyways I just wanted you all to know that I have moved to the UK for my studies at Teesside University and getting my Bachelor Degree. And wow it's a lot of work on your own. There is a lot to be done and I have a couple of great ideas, but all in good time. Anyways I'm having a great time here. Lots of great people both old and new. 

I have four modules and those are Creative Character Animation, Studio Practical Business, Advance Visual Effects and Practical Project for 60 credits. I originally had five and that was Creative Animation, but I had to ditch that because of what I already have done when I attended Noroff in the second year. It was exactly the same as our final project at Noroff. I changed that one for a more "challenging" project in Practical Project. Instead of a 40 credit I got 60. I have some idea for what I am going to make and I will keep you updated as I go along this year.