Me and a couple of my friends had a session with Mark Buschbacher this Tuesday. We learned a lot from him. About how to get the set ready and how to work the lights and camera. These are all time consuming. We were there from 10:30 AM to about 15:30 PM. We had booked from 9 AM to 5 PM, but the university opens and closes down all randomly because of the snow. Apperantly this is the harshest winter they have had in decades here in Middlesbrough. I find that very funny, but somewhat understandable. Do they have spiked tires in the UK? I have not seen a car with them. 

At the start we were only going to test out the studio and see what our limits are, but as time flew by we found out that we might as well just shoot the real thing. We managed to film all of Vegars shots for his AVE movie, Saboteur. It was a real challenge with the lighting and camera movements, but we managed. Can't wait to see it in action with the CG. 

Here are some images I took that day. We were unlucky as non of us had a camera with us the first two hours, but I went home and got mine. Anyways that day was awesome and I can't wait for next time.