Hey people! huehue!!11one

So I start doing 3d again. It all started in December when I got the opportunity from a friend. At first I hesitated. I felt like I wanted to do something else. Don't get me wrong I am still feeling that way. I am just back doing 3d rather then think about it from time to time. So January was when I officially started that project from a friend. It has been going slow. It contains animation and I dislike doing animation. I'm fine with subtle animation, but not when it plays a big part. So yeah it's been going slow. I feel bad for this and I hope by the start of next week I'll be finished with it.

Now these days I have been really driven into creating items in 3ds max. I have a couple of on-going mini projects. You may have noticed the bean/soda cans, the Marlboro box, AR-goggles and the most recent Soap. If not, you can find them all in the gallery. I'll post them under here for good measure.
I'll try and keep this flow going. As for now I need to focus on the project and finish it!


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