Hello fans! I was recently asked to create some new renders of my Teesside project and so I did. Nothing too fancy. I just configured the bounce and quality by a bit and by removing some assets for a simple render. 
I was always thinking about revisit the Teesside projects, but never found the need to until now. Indeed the personal project was too dark and too unfocused it gave the scene a bit of a sour taste. While I was planning the project I wanted it to be as if a person was in the scene looking around and it turned out I was doing it to hastily trying to show every corner in such a short periode of time. I should have simply made stills of the scene instead of making it a walkthrough. 

I should take some time to fix the ground and curtains and add some more life to the scene. Some more rubbish and dirt would be nice. Grass on the edge of houses. Water perhaps. Oh well. Until next milennia!


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