We follow four kids in this game named Reynold, Wren, Lucy and Everett. They magically transforms from their homemade costumes into the real size and shapes of their costumes as well as gaining special abilities.

Here we have one of our hero dressed as a delicious French fry. When the time comes she transforms into the monster you see in the image. Is Double Fine telling us something about junk food? This greasy monster will certainly scare kids into eating junk food. "You are what you wear" is a nice way of putting it. Especially for this game. 
These are just a few true form of their costumes. You can see it appeals to both boys and girls. How cool would it be if this were real? Transforming into a White Knight, a badass Robot and a magical Unicorn that shoots rainbow. 

Now for this to be successfully adapted into an animated series from a game would be to change the story. Not entirely, but so to make it last for longer then a night of Halloween. We could take the Witch in the game named Dorsilla who is tired of hiding her identity so she takes her magical powers to change the world she is in. Making everyday Halloween and all that comes from the darkness of Halloween. This is only a thought I had that could make sense so that the show would last several season. In the series like the game the kids will be fighting other creatures and I thought it would be fun to add in bullies. A show needs bullies. For the kids to turn their world back into the world they knew they meet up with a wizard who can help them, but for him to help them they need to obtain certain objects and defeat monsters in the process. 

This could be similar too the Digimon series, where you follow a bunch of kids fighting their way back home. 
Like any other children's series would be to teach them about moral, etiquette and just about anything. Like friendship. I would like to take this opportunity to implement this in this product.  


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