The Product.


My product idea is about turning a game into an animated series. Now I got that idea by attending the Animex Festival earlier this year (2011). Tasha Harris from Double Fine came in to talk about her game called "Costume Quest" which is the game I will be turning into an animated series for children. Now her talk was very interesting to me. She told us about her interest for Halloween and to why she love it so much. While her talk I got the idea for this product and after she showed us the trailer for the game I was sold to pursuit this idea.

Here is an interview about Tasha Harris about Costume Quest.

"Tim was saying this was based on an idea you've had like since you were a kid?

Tasha Harris: Yeah, it's pretty funny. When I was a kid, I was always drawing, but I always loved video games. So I would draw out some ideas for games, and I remember drawing these little pixelated kids trick or treating. 

It was just this idea I had kind of kicking around my head from a long time ago... but I never really fleshed it out. I knew it was like a Halloween game, [with] trick or treating and kids, but that was kind of all I had."

This is what she said in an interview I found online. It's pretty close to what she said during her talk at Animex. You can read the whole interview on

I gathered courage to go and ask her what she thought about me using her game to turn it into an animated series. She was fine with the idea as long as it was just for the SPB module. I did get her business card as well. Granting me the option to ask her questions along the way if there were any. 
Just by watching this trailer I got ideas for adapting into an animated series for a much younger audience than this is aimed for. Now the game is aimed for an audience at the age of 10+ because it contains cartoon violence and tobacco reference. We could just make the violence more friendlier so that it is appropriate for children at the start of age 3 to watch. Also I could really imagine this series to teach children about moral and etiquette while being entertained by the flashy colours and the action.
Just imagine kids go wild when the characters of the show transform into the costume they are wearing. I can imagine my younger cousin go bananas and start to imitate along saying the catchphrases of each of the characters.  


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